The potential of Mentem GPT?

In case it hasn’t really hit you, or you just have been living your life like a responsible person, not thinking about the latest advances in tech, let me give you some idea of the potential of Mentem.

Unprecedented depth of content.

Because of the interactive nature of the chat interface, you can explore deeper and deeper in to the content of Personeum and the personal development tools it offers. It is trained to only release to you what you open the door for. In that case it is respectful of you and doesn’t flood you with information you are not prepared to really pay attention to. I’ve always said that my job as a therapist is not so much to know or disseminate novel information, but to time the release of information so that it has the greatest chance of finding soil where it can grow its roots. Timing and a prepared mind is critical for certain types of growth.

Live and updated content.

Mentem has the capacity to be constantly trained by me on information and strategies for growth everyday. And then, snap, it’s at your fingertips in the chat without you even having to notice it was updated.

Responsive to the needs of users.

Based on feedback I get from users I will be tweaking the behavioral skills of Mentum so it gets more and more useful for you.

No complicated app to learn.

You already know how to chat online or in text messages. That’s all you do with Mentem. Easy. No learning curve.

Individualized Content

Mentem responds to your particular conversation. You will get responses that no one else gets. It can start to feel like it “knows” you.

I’ll let you in on a secret.

As a little extra bonus, as a user of Mentem, you can ask direct questions to me also, at least for early adopters.


I hope that gives you a little more of a feel for what Mentem can do.

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