Where is your office?

My office is at 50 Louis NW, in the central business district of Grand Rapids, on the corner of Louis and Ionia. 

On the 6th floor, accessible by elevator, the setting is very private with a comfortable waiting room that has a view of the city. 

What about parking?

Parking is one of the best features of my location. With a parking pass that you’ll get in session, 90 minutes of parking is free. 

And since it’s a covered structure, you’ll never have to scrape your windshield!

Can I choose to have a session in person or remotely?


Most of my clients meet for in-person sessions. Some things are just easier to express and to understand in person.  

I love my corner office with a view in downtown Grand Rapids. So I’m happy to meet in person. But for some of my clients, work schedule, or travel distance just doesn’t make in-person practical and Telehealth sessions are an option. 

What does it cost?

I am credentialed with many insurance companies. For sessions or diagnosis that are not covered or that you choose not to submit to insurance, my rates are

  • $240 for individual therapy, 
  • Check here for couples therapy. 

What do the numbers mean on your logo?

Good question. I’m glad you asked. They are meaningful!

But… I think you and google can figure it out! 🙂

Think you know? Let me know in the comments.

I can give you a hint for one of the numbers. A famous mathematician, whose name begins with A, arrived at this number (we don’t know how) as part of an approximation for an important square root. Then a couple hundred years later it showed up in quite a dramatic way. 

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