About Me

Hello, I’m a clinical psychologist, which means I am a Doctor of Psychology (PsyD), and am licensed in the state of Michigan.

I’ll give you a little history.

After studying music theory, theology, and English, working as a software developer and even very briefly as a choral director, I decided to return to graduate school to earn my doctorate in clinical psychology.

I hung on to my interest in computer science and did my dissertation on the use of Artificial Neural Networks in clinical research. This was in the days when very few people knew what AI was, and we hadn’t yet invented the word, bot! I was a full-time faculty member, worked at large group practices, co-owned my own group practice for a while, supervised other therapists learning the trade, and now have an individual practice in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan.

I work as a generalist with all sorts of people and issues but mainly adults and older teens. I’m married with 4 adult children.

When I’m not in the office I love to write and hike, dabble in computer code, and hang out by the water with my wife.

– David Hamilton PsyD,  Founder and Principal at Personeum

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